Swing gates


Automatic swing gates are operated using underground motors or gate mounted motorised arms. All our automatic swing gates are fit with a minimum of one touch sensitive safety edge & one set of safety beam photo cells in compliance with BS EN 12453:2001. 

We manufacture and install swing gates for openings of up to 8 metres in length.

Cantilever Sliding Gates


Cantilever sliding gates are a great option for applications where the ground is not level because of their ability to glide over the surface, but providing there is enough area to slide in to, cantilever sliding gates can be installed in any opening. As with swing gates, sliding gates must conform to BS EN 12453:2001. However unlike swing gate motors, sliding gate motors have intelligent drive units that retract the gate upon impact from the direction it is traveling. We manufacture and install cantilever gates of up to 8 metres in length. 

Rolling Gates


Rolling gates are ideal for openings where the ground is level. Operating on a track installed along the surface, rolling gates require little maintenance and are a more cost effective option than it‘s relative, the cantilever.
Rolling gates are operated using the same motor as a cantilever, therefore also conforming to BS EN 12453:2001. We manufacture and install rolling gates of up to 8 metres in length. 

GSM Intercoms


GSM intercoms allow you to talk to visitors and open & close the gate via your mobile phone. Up to as many as 1000 numbers can be stored on the devices, meaning your family & friends can access the gate without using a key fob.